We have done the romantic maths for you!

Early February leaves a lot of people stressing out because greeting card companies’ most important day of the year is yet to come. Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day, your birthday or nothing at all, we feel the need to stop the pressure. How about we worry less about this day and just take the day to celebrate life itself. After all, it should be about fun fun fun and not leave us running frantically through the shops (that’s reserved for Christmas after all). And if you ask yourself now why red, that’s easy to answer. Red because 35 shades of grey are boring and when you want to celebrate life you might as well go with the most vibrant colour there is. So here it is, the best and most red of our products from our men’s and women’s collection just for you. Whether you want to treat yourself, your gals, partner or a friend, you won’t be disappointed. Bring on the cake (Red Velvet Cake, if you will), sit back and discover all things red.

We know our beloved guys like to get all active and less romantic if possible. Well, say no more. If you want to bring the action back to the turf, our football socks and striped football socks are the right fit for any man. Why do we suggest them here? They come, surprise, in red. Now they either match your favourite football team’s kit or you like this colour more than any other so don’t hesitate to treat yourself a little bit. To top things off for our favourite guys, superheroes if you will, our Batman vs Superman socks come with two lovely shades of red because black is boring.

The winter is still going strong and we feel our female followers who struggle with the cold. It’s really not a pleasant situation to be in. We have a range of remedies for you to keep yourself a bit warmer than usual. Not only are these remedies great in keeping you a wee bit warmer but these vibrant colours (red for today’s case in point) jazz up any outfit without further ado. We are very excited about all our products and want to share this excitement with you. Now let’s finish the countdown to our 35 shades of red. Our leg warmers come in two designs, one with a ruffled top and the back to basics design that looks just as stunning. Whether you’re going to a fancy dress party, Flashdance flash mob or just need new equipment for your dancing class, these women’s leg warmers will not disappoint you. Going out for a night in town with your ladies? Our red fishnet tights or our diamond net tights have a sensual and confident air about them that will let you enjoy your night out even more.

We have such a great variety of women’s over the knee socks that we don’t even know where to start. They feature so many colour combinations with red that it makes our heads spin. So be sure to check them out. Our full stripe over the knee socks come as 1 pair or 3 pairs. Our referee over the knee socks with three stripes on the top are also available as 1 pair or 3 pairs. It’s truly a gift that keeps on giving. Now you might need unicolour over the knee socks – whether it’s 1 pair you’re looking for or 3 pairs – we’ve got you covered. Every woman loves a neat argyle pattern and we are proud to say that these colour combinations are cherrylicious. Here’s to our hopeless romantics with our over the knee socks with a cute hearts pattern.

We all know how numerous Disney movies have shaped the way we feel about love and life. Minnie Mouse that cutie pie is just one of these influences and our shades of red countdown continues with these character ankle socks as 1 pair or 3 pairs. Betty Boop is quite a sassy lady and we won’t hide her from you – our Betty Boop ankle socks as 1 pair or 3 pairs to be more specific.
For these cold and rainy days, we have red Wellington boot socks because nothing says I don’t mind a little rain more than going out covered in colours. These knee high socks are simply stunningly comfy and warm. We're on the finish line to our shades of red and yet another product that is here to keep your feet toasty are these thermal socks. Bright colours and purpose-built ankle socks to fight off the cold. These mesh slippers will make tiptoeing around the house so much more fun because when was the last time you looked at your feet and thought "Yay!". 
Our last contestant are striped trainer socks. We wanted to leave this “hello summer” item until the end because this will give us all something to look forward to.

All products here on this shades of red feature will look absolutely dazzling on each and every one of you, in case you’re still unsure what to get. We are always searching for products that can be combined in a variety of ways because why just use it for one occasion only. Maybe you’re planning a party for you and the girls or you need an accessory for an outfit – these 35 shades of red are a perfect match for you. Celebrating life and making other people and yourself happy has never been so easy. Let us put a smile on your face. If you have a question about an item or if there is anything else we can help you with, feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as fast as we can. Now here’s to a wonderful February.

Credit where credit is due: If you have never heard of Galentine’s Day, make sure to watch Parks & Recreation, the master minds behind this great idea (Season 2, Episode 16 to be precise). You can thank us later :-)

Happy Galentine’s Day, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy Tuesday!

Yours truly,

Adam & Eesa Ltd.