Hello all! Enjoying this April weather? Thought not. Now is the time many of us are planning our summer holidays and thinking about what we need to buy. We're trawling the shops trying to find fun but practical accessories for all the family, to make sure we're prepared whatever the weather (let's hope it's nice and sunny!). Well, trawl no further because we'll be doing a series of blog posts showcasing our essential summer accessories for all ages, saving you time and taking the stress out of holiday shopping. This post sees us introducing our newest stock- a fun range for kids that includes Minions and Paw Patrol. 

So grab yourself a summery drink (we recommend a refreshing glass of lemonade), read on and feel like your holiday has started already!

First up we have those mischievous Minions from the ever-popular Despicable Me films (who's looking forward to the new movie coming out at the end of June? We are!) We're sure you know a cheeky little Minion that would love our cool 3D backpack. This eye-catching bag tops our list for kid's holiday essentials, as it's practical AND cool, so both mum and child are happy. This rucksack will prove invaluable for keeping all toys, books, snacks and special cuddly toys in one place, while you can focus on relaxing. With adjustable straps, this rucksack is suitable for children of all ages (we can imagine some adults would suit it too!). Don't forget to name the lovable Minion on this backpack too, why not take inspiration from the films and call him Dave, Stuart, Jerry or Mark? 

To match the bag, we have these super cool Minions baseball caps, in two designs, two sizes and four different colours so there's a hat to suit any child. My personal favourite is this minion mermaid lounging on the beach and looking very relaxed. You'll no doubt have seen that mermaids are a big trend right now, so this hat combines the best of both worlds. This cap is available in either pretty pink or sunny yellow, so it's suitable for both boys and girls. The second hat has a group of cheeky surfer Minions who have buried their friend in the sand for a joke (fun tip-try to catch dad napping on the beach and cover him in sand for a laugh when he wakes up!). This one comes in cool blue and summery orange, again suitable for boys and girls. We suggest buying one of each so your children can enjoy a different look every day (after all, it's very important to match your accessories to your clothes!). These baseball caps are a fab way of staying sun safe and stylish out and about. 

Whether you're a parent, grandparent, aunt or uncle, you're sure to know a little someone who loves Paw Patrol, so delight them with these Paw Patrol sunglasses. Featuring their favourite characters like Marshall, Chase, Zuma and Rocky, these shades are the ultimate kids summer must-have. Available in blue, green and orange, they are great for both boys and girls. You could even get one of each other so they match the Minion's caps! And do you know what, when your child isn't wearing them, they can be safely kept in the Minions rucksack!  Keeping kids safe from the sun is a top priority while on holiday, so make sure you've packed these sunglasses. 

So no matter where you're going on holiday, whether to the beach, on a cruise, skiing or a city break, make sure you've packed these picks for your kids and we can guarantee you'll have the best and most relaxing holiday ever!

We hope we've given you some great ideas for your holiday essentials, and we'll be back soon with some more 'must have summer accessories'.