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It’s the month that doesn’t seem to end. To make January less gloomy, we keep updating our website with a lot of sunshine and sparks to brighten your winter days. Nothing says spring can’t come soon enough more than when you’re wearing colourful socks. Your friends will be so jealous. Lucky for you (and them), a lot of our products come in multipacks so you’re ready to spread the spring-lovin’. The latest additions to our product range offer something for everybody. We have new athletic socks, wool socks, and so many different embroidered women’s socks it's fascinating. And you can even get slippers for him and her now. We hope you’re cuddled up nice and warm while we tell you about these lovely new items we have for you.

Football season is going strong and we want to help all you lovely men to score some goals on your next match. Now we don’t necessarily have magical football socks, but we most certainly have men’s football socks that will help to heat up the action on the turf. These athletic socks come in bright colours to refresh a grim and grey January day. Plus, if you already own the kit of your favourite football club, these colours might just be perfect to complete this outfit.
If you’re a man who prefers things a little bit cosier, we have a multipack of woollen ankle socks that are as smooth as the comfiest blanket you can think of. We like to surprise our customers every now and then, meaning we will pick what colours you receive. A big plus of this practice: it saves you the hassle of deciding what colour you prefer. You're welcome :-) 
And since the third time is the charm, how about men’s faux fur lining slippers. Whether you are looking for yourself because these days it’s still too cold to run around your home all barefoot or maybe you are in need of a useful birthday gift for a dad or granddad – let us assure you that these men’s slippers are definitely a winner amongst all age groups. Just imagine having a nice bath at the end of a long week and then slipping into these comfy faux fur lining slippers to keep in the heat. That sounds almost as good as having a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream.  

If you’re all about the partner look, we have ballerina slippers for our beloved female followers – two different designs because yes! And the best thing is: all our slippers are non-slip proof thanks to the sole. The choice is all yours now. Our unicolour ballerina slippers definitely win the cutest slippers competition thanks to a neat bow rounding up this lovely design. Just imagine waltzing around at home while preparing yourself a good cup of coffee before enjoying a relaxed evening with a good book. Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? We know everyone likes a different design which brings us to women’s slippers that tell a beautiful spring story. Are you a fan of flowers and like your wardrobe to reflect this affection? Our floral ballerina slippers might just be the perfect treat for you then. Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are coming up, so why not treat your favourite lady, be it your partner, mum or grandma to slippers that will make them feel like tiptoeing on the fluffiest cloud of them all.  

We are very excited to introduce our new range of embroidered ankle socks for women to you. We wanted a refreshing and modern design with a choice of romantic colours to make you want to dance all night long because they also look dazzling in heels. Introducing our lace frill ankle socks, you will find a trendy pair of socks to spice up your life. Just imagine these cuties with a romantic A-line dress that’s all about pastel colours. Our vertical stripes ankle socks for women come in amazing colours and are a trendy accessory for every lady. And if you prefer an even greater choice of ribbed socks, we have these vertical embroidered ankle socks to add even more colours to our range of women’s socks. All our new embroidered ankle socks come in colours we are certain you don’t have enough of in your wardrobe because what is enough anyway? We are happy to say that our new socks will look fabulous on everyone and they go well with any outfit, be it formal, smart work wear or for cuddly days spent indoors. Our new socks are made with wool to ensure a most comfy feel and touch and they offer warmth. On cold days like the ones we’re experiencing now it’s all the more important to stay warm.

There you have it, the latest fix of romantic, cosy and fashionable items to brighten up these frosty winter days. We hope this will help you find what you are looking for. We are confident to say that these men’s socks, women’s socks and slippers make fantastic “treat yourself” items but further bring so much joy to you and others when being handed out as gifts. We know the struggle of finding the right gift that is both unique and thoughtful for your beloved ones because we have all been there.

If you think you would like to decide on the colours you receive, don’t, not even for a second, hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you in a jiffy with an update on this. After all, if you are happy, we can be happy too.  

Packing tip: Ever heard of a skivvy roll? Be sure to check this amazing packing trick out before you go on your next adventure :-)

Yours truly,

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